Delivery/Service Questions


Where do you deliver?

We currently deliver to the communities of Santa Barbara, Goleta, Montecito,Summerland, Carpinteria & Ventura. If you are unsure if we deliver to you please email us at

What are my choices for delivery frequency?

You can subscribe to weekly or every other week delivery. You can also skip deliveries anytime you need to.

Do I have to be home to receive my delivery?

No. Just be specific in your delivery instructions where you want us to leave your box. On sunny days we will always look for a shady spot to put your box.

What if an item is of poor quality?

Let us know right away. We take pride in the quality of the produce we choose for you but if an unacceptable item slips through we will replace it with your next order. We want to ensure that you are happy with every harvest box you receive!

What do I do with my empty harvest box?

We pick up your empty box for reuse at your next delivery. You can break down the box to save space during the week if you would like. If you order cold items these will come in a thermal insulated bag in your box, remember to return these bags with your box or you will be charged a $5 replacement fee.

What if I forget to leave my empty harvest box at my next delivery?

If you forget to return your boxes for a week or two do not worry just leave them out on your next scheduled delivery day. If you do not leave your boxes for us to collect at all your account will be charged $3 for each box in your possession. If you happen to return these boxes later we can credit your account just communicate with us because this is a hard thing to manage. We ask you to return your boxes so we can reuse them and stay true to our environmental values as a company.

What is your cancellation policy?

You can change, postpone or cancel your service at anytime. The only restriction is you must log into your account and make these changes before our deadline which is Wedneday at noon before your Saturday delivery.

How do I change my billing/delivery information, no-list, box size etc…?

You have full control of your account once you log in to make all of these changes.

What are add-ons?

We have local grocery items and additional produce items that you can add to your delivery. We have many choices and our list is continually growing.

*If you have any item that you think would be a great addition to our add-on list please contact Julie at


Billing payment questions

What credit cards do you accept?

American Express, Discover, Visa, and Mastercard credit/debit cards


When do you charge me?

We will charge your credit card each Friday before your Saturday delivery. We will charge for the harvest box size and any add-ons you will be receiving.


What happens if my credit card declines?

If your credit card is declined, we will inform you to update your account information. We will still deliver your box and just charge you when you get us the correct information.


Harvest box/produce questions

Which harvest box is right for me?

Some of us eat more and some of us cook more for this reason, we usually recommend starting off with the smallest box you think will meet your needs. View Harvest Boxes  You can switch your box size at anytime.


Where does the produce come from?

From local farms most of the farm’s we work with attended the Santa Barbara’s farmer’s market.


How fresh is your produce?

We pick up our orders early Saturday morning and deliver them directly to your door all in one day. This means your produce was picked within 24 hours of its arrival and is extremely fresh. Very tasty too!


Why is our produce better than what you can buy in the grocery store?

The produce we deliver is picked ripe unlike grocery store produce that needs to be picked ahead of time to withstand the shipping and shelf life of the store. With time store produce looses its nutrition and taste unlike ours which is at its peak nutrition and taste.


Can I customize my box?

When you sign up you can submit a No-list which is a selection of fruits or vegetables you would not like to receive. At anytime you can change or customize your No-list and also customize your box each week taking out items you do not want to receive and picking your own replacements. You can also add items to your box from our add-on list. Other then that we hand select a balance of the highest quality seasonal fruits and veggies for your box.


Frequently Asked Questions Regarding our New Online Ordering System

Q:  How can I change my Recurring order?

(Including change box size, delivery frequency, and add or remove items to my recurring order)

A:  To change your recurring order (the order set to be delivered and billed to you automatically every week or every other week), log in to your account and simply click on the “Recurring Order” tab.  This page will allow you to make all of the above changes as well as add more items to your recurring order. Please note that you may also add items to your recurring order while shopping for your add-ons (just click the new “add to recurring order” box).

Q:  How can I Customize my box?

(Update my “no-list”, remove items from my box, and choose my own substitutions)

A:   To begin customizing your “no- list”, log in to your account and click on the “Box Preferences” tab.  Here you will be able to choose items you would not care to receive EVER. In addition, you’ll be able to specify your “wish-list”, items you would like in place of those on your “no-list”.  If you do not wish to choose your own substitutions, the Local Harvest Delivery team will gladly substitute for you based on quality, season, price, and your set “wish-list”.  Please note that replacement items are matched in terms of price and not quantity since prices vary greatly from item to item.
You may also customize your Harvest Box the week of delivery (prior to 12:00pm Wednesdays) by clicking on the “This Weeks Order” tab.   Click the “Customize” button found on the right of the screen to bring up a list of items scheduled for delivery to you that week.  If you do not wish to receive any of the items listed here, simply change the quantity to zero for these items. If you have chosen not to receive Items, you will be alerted to choose replacement items.  Scroll down to find the drop down menu “Add Product” and begin choosing your substitutions.  You’ll know you’ve filled your box when the alert to choose items disappears, and the “Add Product” menu disappears.

You will not see the Customize button after the Wednesday noon deadline.  It will come back for the next Saturday’s delivery once we have posted that box.

Q:  How can I skip a delivery?

A:   Log In to your account and click on the “Skip a Delivery” tab to bring up a list of upcoming delivery dates.  Simply click the box to the far right under the heading “Skip” to indicate that you would like to cancel delivery for the corresponding date.  Be sure to save these modifications to your delivery schedule as indicated at the bottom of the screen.

Q:  How do I shop for Add-ons?

A:  To shop our extensive list of add-on groceries (produce, meat, dairy, prepared foods and more) click on “Shop Our Add-Ons”.  To the left, a list of categories will appear to make browsing easier.  Click on a category to see what is currently being offered and add items to your box for that week by entering a number or using the + – symbols to increase or decrease the quantity.  If you’d like to receive an add-on item every time you receive a delivery, simply indicate this by clicking the box to the right of the words “Recurring Order” on that item line.  Otherwise, just leave the “One time Order” box checked, and we’ll know you’d like that item just this once.

Q:  How do I use the Favorites list?

You may also add items to your “favorites” list as you shop.  Clicking the “Favorites” box next to any of the add-ons you purchase will place these items in the “Favorites” category for easy ordering in the future.

Q:  How do I update my address and delivery information, billing information, password and other account details?

A:  Once logged in, click on the “Your Account” tab at the top of the page.  Here you will be able to make any changes to your account you’d like.   Don’t forget to scroll to the bottom and click to submit your data as directed.

For help with your account login information, enter your email address to the log in page and click for help with your password.  Your Local Harvest Delivery password will be emailed to the address entered and you’ll be on your way!  Still having trouble?  Email us at  We’re always happy to help!

Q:  What is the deadline to make changes to my order?
A:  The deadline to order or make changes to an existing order is the Wednesday prior to delivery at noon.  Wednesday is the day that the Local Harvest Delivery team begins seeking out the highest quality seasonal items and placing OUR order for YOU!

*Please note that after Wednesday at noon, changes for the upcoming delivery date will be closed and the website homepage will change to reflect the following weeks order date.

If you have any questions or concerns while working with the new system please contact us by email at