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Our Artisans


At Baba Small Batch, we believe that our first responsibility is to the people who enjoy our products. This responsibility starts with growing and sourcing the highest quality ingredients, which are then hand-crafted into the finest quality products. We respect the environment from the ground up, from the planting of our garbanzo beans to the organic and farm fresh ingredients we purchase, to the production and delivery of our various products. Ultimately, we seek to one day to be fully sustainable in all of our operations with the goal of replenishing the earth and its natural resources to the best of our ability.


Naturally, as our name implies, we are first and foremost about cheese. We currently carry about 120 different types of cheese sourced from all over the world. It’s a tough job tasting them all, but we’ve never shied away from a challenge! We cut each one fresh to order, ensuring you get the most delicious cheeses in town. In addition to cheese, we also stock a large array of cured meats. From Spanish Jamon Iberico, to Mole Salame from Salumi Artisan Cured Meats in Seattle, to our own house-cured Pancetta, we are continually searching for outstanding cured meats that are made by small, sustainably minded makers

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Dare 2 Dream Farms is a small, family owned and operated farm located on forty acres just west of the town of Lompoc, California. The farm was founded on our steadfast beliefs that the food which nourishes our bodies should come from local, natural, sustainable, and humane sources. Our laying hens are pastured in fields of rye grass, buckwheat, flax, clover, and sunflowers so they have an abundance of raw nutrients to forage for and lots of land, trees, and shrubs to play in. Our coops are sustainable and handcrafted for safe and humane backyard chicken keeping. Our garden grows pesticide and herbicide free in beautiful no till beds.


Fresh, cold-pressed, extra virgin California olive oils are pungent and hearty in flavor. We always note the look on people’s faces when they take their first sniff, then a little sip. Eyes light up with pleasure and surprise at their first encounter with this aromatic oil, then a smile crosses their faces as the oil leaves traces of peppery taste on the tongue as it passes down the throat.
Most people in this country don’t know about olive oil, and generally use tasteless oil varieties or olive oil off the grocery shelf. They are universally surprised at how delicious this oil is. Now they know what real olive oil tastes like…and it’s made right here by California olive oil producers.

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We have a passion for coffee. This involves an intimate understanding of the beans themselves and the equipment used to roast them. The process takes time and skill based on years of roasting experience. Timing, temperature and chemical composition changes within the beans are just a few of the aspects our Roastmasters continually monitor. We choose to roast our beans “to order” in our Santa Barbara roastery rather than mass producing batches like larger chains do. The result is well worth it. This process defines the quality and freshness of our coffee. To compromise this process would compromise the product.


Jimenez Family Farm is a small scale family farm located in the Santa Ynez Valley. Utilizing “beyond organic” and sustainable farming practices, we provide fresh, healthy, and delicious food to the local communities. Our family is passionate about providing food that is produced with integrity, food that our customers can feel good about serving to their families. We are dedicated to preserving the small family farm and providing a wide array of locally produced foods. The array of products offered include beautiful and sustainably raised fruits and vegetables, handmade jams, preserves, farm raised pork, rabbit, quail and chicken and grass fed lamb and goat, and of course the famous handmade Marcie’s Pies.


After being a stay at home dad for year, Michael started is new venture, Mission Rose Pasta, creating weekly fresh pasta. When Julie meet him at the Farmers Market, they started a relationship of making weekly batch of pasta exclusively for Local Harvest Delivery customer. His pasta is freshly handmade on Friday evening by order. The texture of his pasta is true to the original handmade Italian pasta. They are always tasty and made in small batches with as many local ingredients as possible and organic is always prioritized. You may know Michael if you went to UCSB back in the day when he owned Pasta 101.

Todd and Jordan Champagne began Happy Girl Kitchen Co. out of the sheer love of food. After working on farms for years and preserving the glut of our California seasons, Todd and Jordan have been lauded as key members in the thriving food community of the Central Coast. They are dedicated to simple, delicious and farm driven foods. Enriching community and showcasing the unparalleled talent of local farmers are central to the Happy Girl mission. By hosting parties, recipe swaps, pop-up dinners and workshops, happy girl kitchen co. empowers people to get involved and learn about the importance of what’s on their plate.


Our company has impacted and changed the lives of our customers through consistently supplying the highest quality, safe, and nutritious raw milk. We have become the world’s most innovative leader in raw milk food safety production practices. With our Eco-Visit Program, thousands of customers, researchers, students, and travelers from afar have come to our farm to see our unique, eco-friendly operations. Through this personal connection, we are driven to serve our wonderful and loyal customers. We are proud to be organic raw milk dairymen and look forward to our exciting future.


Besides being a retail bakery and café, we are also one of the leading commercial and wholesale bakeries on the south coast. Our new location is designed so that our customers can enjoy a great meal while watching our bakers in action. Come in and see our croissant baker roll out dough and shape various kinds of croissant and in a short while, have it melt in your mouth. That’s what I call fresh. Since 1981, Our Daily Bread has led the industry in our commitment to provide unadulterated products. At a time when bleached flour was an option, we were already using unbleached for our products containing white flour. Our 100% whole wheat breads are made from organic, whole-wheat flour.

San Marcos Farms Santa Barbara CA

San Marcos Farms is a producer of local honey, bee pollen, and beeswax candles. We pride ourselves in delivering the very best to the community. You will find our products at local Santa Barbara Farmers Markets and several local grocers in the area.

Salty Girl Seafood

Salty Girl Seafood is more than a seafood company – it’s a connection to the ocean, a relationship to where your food comes from, and a right to enjoy simpler, healthier ingredients on your dinner table. With every purchase, you’re driving positive change in our oceans and celebrating fishermen who harvest responsibly. We believe in giving small-scale fishermen who are fishing sustainably the business their commitment to our oceans deserves. Our seafood is fresh-frozen to lock in its great taste and fully traceable back to the fishermen or community we buy it from. Nutritious, delicious seafood seasoned with real ingredients. All that’s left for you to do is cook and enjoy.


Our family has been working this land for over 175 years…We are eager to share its unique story with you.
Nestled in the heart of Santa Barbara County, Rancho San Julian has the distinction of being one of the last, great Spanish-Mexican land grants that remains in the family of the original grantee.
A majestic oasis of old California, the Rancho has retained its natural beauty and the functionality of its historic buildings, while enhancing its vital agricultural operations. Wildlife thrive in thick oak forests, and cattle roam the rolling hills, vast pastures, and steep arroyos that comprise Rancho San Julian’s 13,000 acres. We hope you will appreciate the beauty and wonder of Rancho San Julian as much as we do.


In 1991, the Zannon family began Santa Barbara Pistachio Company with the goal of producing the best-tasting, all-natural organic pistachios available anywhere. Grown on our family farm in the hills of the Sierra Madre Range in Santa Barbara County, our sunny days and cool, clear nights are perfect for growing organically. As the only locally-owned and family-managed organic pistachio farm on the Central Coast, Santa Barbara Pistachio controls every phase of production. From planting, farming and harvesting, to brine flavoring, hot-air roasting and hand-packaging. We are very proud to sell only what we grow, allowing us to maintain our unique product and guarantee that all of our pistachios meet our strict quality standards.

Quality Guaranteed
We stand behind our quality. If you are unsatisfied with a product we will replace or refund it.

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When we say organic, we mean… All of the local produce you receive is grown by organic and/or environmentally conscious farmers. They do not use pesticides or chemicals. That means your subscription is supporting healthy soil and sustainable agriculture in your community.